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Testimony of a true fan-girl.

Yes, I did wake up at seven a.m. to make my way to Barnes & Noble to secure my copy of Half Blood Prince.
Yes, I did not shower, change out of my pajamas & further ignored personal hygiene so that I could read Harry Potter all day.
Yes, the only breaks I took in reading Harry Potter were to use the bathroom.
Yes, I willed myself not to go to lest my eyes come across the tiniest hint of spoilers because I wanted to be good & find out everything on my own.

HOW COULD SHE?! HOW COULD SHE KILL DUMBLEDORE??? AND FUCKING SNAPE. I ACTUALLY KIND OF LIKED YOU THE PAST TWO BOOKS. I hope you rot in hell & inferi feast on your soul for all eternity!

& wtf? the trio are not going back to hogwarts next year? i'm so thrown for a loop!

I always do this. Read the book so quickly I've surprised myself that I'm done with it & I have to wait two/three MORE years for the next book to come out.
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